Thoughts on US Gun Laws

Gun laws are probably okay the way they are, but it’s FAR easier for politicians to pass a law restricting firearms than to try to address the core issue – neglect of mental health.

Instead, the position taken is to just let sick people go untreated and likely get sicker and deteriorate further, apparently because it’s believed they cannot or should not be helped (citing: “we can’t afford it!” when it may be the case that we as a country can indeed afford it; perhaps we pay higher costs from neglecting the issue). So, the decision is to try to take away the sharp objects and the guns that facilitate *mass* murder so that its more difficult for the sick to quickly kill lots of people. This boils down to: it’s not death itself that’s the problem (it’s just a few people all these other times), the problem is the *number* of deaths in one significant incident.

Unfortunate position indeed, because the problem is not the weapons… it’s the psychiatric disorders that go undiagnosed and untreated. Current law designed to keep weapons out of the hands of the sick cannot work if it is unknown that someone is sick.

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